Clay anyone……?

When the name of the street (in which one’s dream house is situated) has ‘clay’ in it…shouldn’t the light bulb turn on somewhere in the grey matter..?

Mine didn’t!

Moving into the new house in snowy/frigid February didn’t help either. So come April, snow has adieu’d & I am all ready for a backyard garden.

Gardening tools..’check’, crocs…’check’, perennials…’check’ & my first attempt to dig into the soil?……eh…not so ‘check’. I almost lost my balance at the resistance.  Clay in my backyard says ‘hello’ to the clay in my grey matter.

For several minutes I stood staring at the ground hoping I would suddenly, magically find my inner ‘super-human’ power. Not knowing what to do is annoying by itself but having Joe Left and Joe Right, yes believe it or not I am flanked by neighbours  with first name Joe, walk over and give me ‘Digging- 101″ ummmmmmmmmm….!

Anyway all thru April and May, I painstakingly prevailed and toiled on 8 x 2 flower-patch and in July…ta da


ummmm here they are lovely lillies and pretty pansies…!!!  This is an ongoing project and I’ll keep adding more as they bloom. Meanwhile enjoy and if you are out there house-hunting do pay a little attention to the street name. It may give you a hint!

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  1. jaya says:

    Hi malkan, the thought of giving the blog ur parents name just swept me off my ground, HATS OFF. BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS, they will definetely be , with the clay outside and inside ha ha ha!!!!!

  2. Jaji says:

    I just couldn’t stop giggling when I read this post. I could only think of a kid with clay all over its hand and not knowing what to do!!! ha! ha!

    Flowers are lovely! Good job!

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