Roaring Lion Lays Down His Mane But NOT His Hope: Teddy, my HERO…

I admit I had recently been wallowing in some self pity and self-indulgence but this morning at five am, the news of  Senator Edward Kennedy’s transition, jolted me right out of it. “Noooooooo”, was my first thought, but then as I heard the radio announcer drone on his bio, I knew I had to post my respects to my HERO. I’ll write more on why he is one later on but for today I just want to say:

“This is not a sudden news, but rather something so many of us prayed NOT to want to hear at least for some more time.  This is not a shocking news, but  rather something so many of us knew would shake our inner core. This is not a surprise news, but rather something kindling and in some context also hopeful as many of us saw our HERO with great grace and humbleness keep Americans first place in his thought even in his last moments on earth…Teddy, we love you..REST IN PEACE !!!!”

The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.



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