New Beginnings…

This is a special post wish for all my young friends (GK, Di, PK, Kavi, Sid, San, Dr. Malli Jr, Saggee, Arj Jr,  Santhi, Unni and Ammu and many more who are all embarking on yet another wonderful year of academic accomplishments..

Your Dimension Of Greatness

No one can know the potential,
Of a life that is committed to win;
With courage – the challenge it faces,
To achieve great success in the end!
So, explore the Dimension of Greatness,
And believe that the world CAN be won;
By a mind that is fully committed,
KNOWING the task can be done!
Your world has no place for the skeptic,
No room for the DOUBTER to stand;
To weaken your firm resolution
That you CAN EXCEL in this land!
We must have VISION TO SEE our potential,
And FAITH TO BELIEVE that we can;
Then COURAGE TO ACT with conviction,
To become what GOD MEANT us to be!
So, possess the strength and the courage,
To conquer WHATEVER you choose;
That is destined FOREVER to lose!

~ Author Unknown ~

“Good Luck and God Bless You All Abundantly”…..keep on keeping on and I’ll be here every step of your way doing this…………..

4 Comments Add yours

  1. anu says:

    Ha ha…Its obvious that S’s moving out from your fold,is affecting you in more ways than one! You are adopting a whole pen to make up for that!! Just kidding…you are very generous with your thoughts and time and that is the fact

  2. Kavitha says:

    Nice one! Felt nice to read it just before leaving home 🙂

  3. jaya says:

    thanks will forward the same to the sons. they both don’t have access to internet now, sanjay has exams ,so no comp for now and sidha doesnt have an internet. Anyway they will view it when they get access to it
    love jaya

  4. malkan says:

    To Anu:

    Buckle up baby ….this blog has barely started cranking……!!!

    – malkan

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