Sweet September: Thank You Lovely Lady

Believe me when I say that I am not posting this because she was a lovely lady, which she was.

Yesterday morning, I was the epitome of “one can be just as stupid as smart”. I was late getting into the parking lot this morning (at the GO station) and all my favourite parking spots (yes, I am so much a creature of habit and comfort that I even have favourite parking spots) were occupied. So I kept driving around the lot until I found one spot ok to my picky mind and in that process I lost valuable time.

Getting off my car, I realised that the train would arrive in 2 minutes sharp and I was at the very end of the lot. So I began to run towards the GO station. As I reached near the entrance, I saw the train roll into the station. I still had to punch my ticket, go down two flight of stairs and then climb one flight of stairs to reach the platform and board the train. Because I was so very out of shape and had been running, I was literally s.o.b (short of breath) and my eyes were tearing up. I could not even see the ticket machine well. So much so it took me three ‘try’s to punch my ticket.

By then mentally I had given up on catching this train, so I was getting down the stairs in normal pace. I heard two pairs of ‘clikety clacks’ at rapid pace behind me and deduced that 2 stilletoed mademoiselles must be gunning for the train. So I move to the side allowing them full access to run and they did just that.

Seeing them run past me, I was croaking in my mind, ‘ya ya beauties, run all you want, the train doors would have closed by now and you will be panting and waiting for me on the platform ….while I will be walking up in style…so run beauties, run’.

Anyway, as I reached up the last of the stairs I saw that the train doors were still open. So I quickened my pace and spotted at the door, panting heavily but smiling brilliantly at me one of the ‘beauties’ whom I had mentally made fun of earlier. She had her ginormous handbag at the door scanner, preventing the train-doors from closing. Just as soon as I got in, she nodded and said, ” I knew you would not want to miss this train’ and even while I was still going ‘tha, tha, tha’… she moved on to the upper deck. The train ambassador announced, ‘Stand clear the doors please, doors are closing’. And with that the doors closed and the train pulled away from the station with me safely ensconced in.

Oh shoot, I thought what a wonderful, beautiful person both outside and so much more from inside…..and having received such fantastic treatment from her, all I could manage was ‘tha, tha, tha’…..I could have kicked myself royally. Honest to GOD, she drove me speechless- believe me for a yak-yakker like me that was indeed a feat on her part. Anyway, I did clunk upstairs to scout her out to thank her- only I could not find her. She had moved on to another car through the interconnecting tubes. Ummmmmmmmmmm

So, I decided to post this today and also write a ‘Missed You’ article in my local newspaper, hoping against hope that she might see it and know that I really, really appreciated what she did today. She, through her selfless, spontaneous act has motivated me to become more aware of my co-travellers both in train and in life and be ready to lend a hand even without them asking for it and most importantly even when I am gasping for breath myself……..

You,… Lovely Lady,…

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  1. JK says:

    we have spoken a lot in person, but havent really noticed your language. u use excellent words and ur blog is just too good. very good english.

  2. Bala says:

    Hi Malkan
    Can realise how you were feeling. Nice of the lady to be ready to help and move on unmindful of a gesture like that.
    It can move people and heart and glad to know such people are all round us.
    God bless them.

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