Game Changing….(part 2)

So you go on detox retreat, keep yourself away from the ‘noises’ and let intuition guide you and then what……?

Well, the initial couple of days were confusing, awkward, restless, unsettling, creepy, needless to say that my journalling was crappy too, full of,  ‘Why?, ‘Oh Why?’, ‘Oh Why?’….

I did not get hit by any divine zing nor did I suddenly have any divine insight, though I must say that all the yummy treats at the various coffee shops were divinely, deliciously, devlish if you know what I mean!!! umm, yummy!!! Anyway, I thought I would keep busy reading (whatever reading materials I had already gathered),  but my mind would not settle down. There were several ‘if’s, ‘what ifs’, ‘but’s’, ‘but- maybe’s’…playing ping pong in my mind.

Then I came across, ‘Excuse Me, Your Life is Now‘ by Doreen Banaszak. Now to be honest, I have heard and read of visualization techniques before, read many articles on  ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ techniques. But Doreen, who credits Lynn Grabhorn, explains about  ‘The Law Of Deliberate Creation’, walks me  down the techniques in a very connecting and compelling way. She says there are only four steps to deliberately creating anything I want. They are:

Know what you DON’T want.
Know what you DO want.
Get into the feeling place of what you DO want.
Allow what you DO want to come into your experience.

She also expands on another law: ‘The Law Of Attraction’, which states that like attracts like.

If you put out positive feelings, you’ll get back a positive outcome.

If you put out negative feelings, you’ll get back a negative outcome.

I can honestly say that this is perhaps one of very few books that I have read, re-read, and  re-read and may still read again. Because each time I do I seem to find more insight and more help. I have also ordered Lynn’s book, ‘Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting’ and will certainly write about it later. For now I would definitely recommend this book to anyone waking up feeling……’Umm, what next..?’

And coming back to my gamechanging:

I have made my list of what I DO want  in terms of Romance and Relationship and in terms of Wealth. I am also intending to journal my journey of  putting the Laws of Creation and Attraction work for me, after all, pretty soon that post in fall of 2010 beginning with..

It is only ——- & all my goals & prayers & wishes for 2010 have all been achieved. What a year this had been !!!

will shortly be upon me in this blog.


On a lighter note,I stumbled upon(yeah… right! If you believe that, I have a ‘UFO’ to sell to you) this article by Hugo Rifkind from TimesOnline.


We know you (women) are, actually, better at opening jars. We know that, in truth, we don’t even loosen them. Still, you need to pretend that you aren’t that strong, and we need to pretend that we are. So everybody is happy.

Those little worried intakes of breath we make when you drive

We know how much you value them.

Moderating your food intake

When on a “diet” you can pile as much food as you like on a plate, provided that you pile slightly more on to ours. Without men, you would have to do this with each other. There would be fights.

Actually buying the chips

Similar, this.

Demonstrating the limitations of DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Without men, you wouldn’t know how hard it is to put up shelves. You wouldn’t know that, actually, drills can be tricky. You wouldn’t have a house full of jagged holes in the plasterwork, and cupboards that don’t quite close. Your lives would be intellectually poorer.

You need actors

You need men to play those deeply unconvincing roles in those romantic comedy films that you give every sign of quite honestly enjoying, despite often having a degree.

Where do you think coins come from?

From our pockets, that’s where, to be distributed in little piles at useful locations around the house. Where would you get your change from otherwise?

You never have to sit in the crap seat facing the wall in a restaurant

We do, all the time. It’s rubbish.

We always know which remote control is which

For God’s sake, it’s the grey one. No, the grey one. That one’s for the DVD. That one’s for the cable. The bloody grey one. It’s grey.

Sometimes, it really wasn’t the dog

Aren’t you so much happier being able to pretend that it was one of us?

Plugs are important

Likewise batteries, power leads, and all the things required to plug an iPod into a stereo. You’d realise this if we were gone.

We help when you dress

You think another woman would come around to your house and repeatedly tap her watch and give sighs of wide-eyed, exasperated incredulity whenever you decide to change your top? Dream on, love.

When did you last see a female drug dealer?

Crime prevention statistics would suffer without all of those hopelessly identifiable males.

It is much easier to embarrass a male grandchild by spitting on a tissue and wiping its cheek

You may regret their absence, in later years.

We have pockets

Why don’t you have pockets?

Barbecues are best managed by men

Why this should be true, nobody knows. But it is.

If we didn’t kill your plants, you wouldn’t be able to buy new ones

Secretly, you like buying new plants. We know.

You never buy tomato ketchup

See also: non-French cheese, white bread, new cars etc.

Our razor blades are cheaper than your razor blades

You would no longer be able to exploit this.

The world needs stand-up comedians

For some reason, you still aren’t very good at that.

And now to be fair to the fairer sex, here is their version of Why Women Need Men?.

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