Lot Of Emotions Today..

Kudos to Toronto for winning the bid for hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games. The Toronto Star reports that:

The two-week games, held every four years, and open to athletes from across the Americas and the Caribbean, will bring badly needed sports infrastructure to the region.

Toronto will get a new aquatics centre with two 50-metre pools and a separate diving tank plus a high-performance sports training facility at the U of T’s Scarborough campus.

Hamilton is a big winner with a new track and field stadium that will be used by the Tiger-Cats and a new indoor velodrome.

But bid chair David Peterson always insisted the games were about much more than just sport.

Winning the games helps Toronto shed its “loser mentality,” but the games give governments a firm deadline to complete promised projects including transit improvements like the rail link to the Pearson airport.

This is very very good news for Toronto and for Ontario. Toronto Transit and city resources such as parks, rinks, pools and schools have all been under severe financial crisis for a long time now and this

$2.4 billion bid – which includes $1 billion for the athletes village in the West Donlands that will include a component of affordable housing after the games – include funding commitments from Ottawa, Queen’s Park and participating municipalities. Ontario is promising to cover any deficits.

is very very timely and will also be a strong moral booster for a city that had recently lost two Olympic bids. So Kudos to Toronto!!


Deepest sympathies to President Obama and the US for two back to back shooting incidents, though the one at Fort Hood is very very horrific and strikes at all our hearts for the manner and the place it occurred.

I added Obama’s name before the US because unlike all others in US, he is the only one who has to make the ultimate decision on sending more troops in harms way and having just received 18 fallen soldiers home, this incident must weigh very very heavily on him.  The reality of the two wars keep surfacing in such bizzare, inhuman acts of violence just as much as in the severe forms of post traumatic stress disorders in veterans. He certainly has a lot on his plate in this contest and I am praying for his tireless focus not just on the wars but on the collateral effects of the wars at home front too!!.


Some humor to lighten the day from the highly talented Jon Stewart through one of my favourite bloggers T Bogg: ‘Saving Private Beck. Or Beck’s privates…’


Some ‘D’oh’ at the stupidity of the ‘Kill The Bill’ excorcise on The Capital Hill and the idiotic GOP leadership that planned and executed this headsmacking, foolhardy, crazy waste of human resources and intelligence!! GOP and intelligence..? What was I thinking..? Never mind.. let’s change topic..


Some, ‘please tell me when all this will end’….vexation when I read that the wingnutia is going crazy claiming that President Obama not showing enough emotions for the Fort Hood incident?  Seems to me that for the wingnutia President Obama has and will always be a “NOT ENOUGH” person. Not strong enough, not black enough, not white enough, not experienced enough, not elite enough, not ‘ordinary’ enough, not ‘real’ enough, not american enough, not decisive enough, not angry enough, not sympathetic enough, not patriotic enough, not true enough, not ‘BIA’ (Born In America) enough…..

Go find something else to rub your dumb nose on wingnuts!!  Don’t bleed yourself to death trying to figure out the President. Your nitwit brains can’t even handle a dictionary for correct spellings for pity’s sake!!


And I end with another dumber specimen  who professes that everything is wrong is with government and is yet receiving government $$$, enjoying government healthcare and avoided government duty to serve in army by pleading depression in 1969. Watch how Markos tackles this idiot…who would rather storm off than face facts. Such is the dumbocrazy replublidumbocans the President is dealing with day in and day out and they dare to call him ‘Not Enough’ President..???


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