Go Kiss The World

My friend AT from Dubai,  shared an email this morning  which immediately caught my attention. It opened to a memo from the Human Resources manager from Nuclear Power Corporation Of India, specifically calling for public display of an article that defines ‘success’. (Please click on the document for larger version).

Go Kiss the World (1).pdf - Adobe Reader

So what does that article by Mr. Subroto Bagchi touch on? Link to the full speech is below, but first here are some very interesting excerpts.

While talking about his father he recalls:

….. The morning routine(during his childhood) started with tea (around the family’s ‘chulla’). As the brew was served, Father would ask us to read aloud the editorial page of ‘The Statesman’s ‘muffosil’ edition- delivered one day late. We did not understand much of what we were reading. But the ritual was meant for us to know that the world was larger than Koraput (the place where they were living then) district and the English I speak today, despite having studied in an Oriya medium school, had to do with that routine. After reading the newspaper aloud, we were told to fold it neatly. Father taught us a simple lesson.

He used to say, “You should leave your newspaper and your toilet the way, you expect to find it”. That lesson was about showing consideration to others. Business begins and ends with that simple precept…

..and when talking about his mother he recalls the efforts his mother would take in planting a garden in the government owned dwellings they used to live on when his father was transfered from place to place during his service.

…… My mother replied that it did not matter to her that she would not see the flowers in full bloom. She said, ‘I have to create a bloom in a desert and whenever I am given a new place, I must leave t more beautiful than what I had inherited”.

That was my first lesson in success. It is not about what you create for yourself, it is what you leave behind that defines success.

Other notable quotes are:

Imagination is everything. If we can imagine a future, we can create it, if we can create that future, others will live in it. That is the essence of success.

To me, success is about the sense of independence; it is about not seeing the world but seeing the light.

There is no limit to how concerned you can be for another human being and what the limit of inclusion is you can create.

Success is not about the ability to create a definitive dogmatic end static; it is about the unfolding of thought processes, of dialogue and continuum.

Success to me is about Vision. It is the ability to rise above the immediacy of pain. It is about imagination, It is about sensitivity to small people. It is about building inclusion. It is about connectedness to a larger world existence. it is about personal tenacity. It is about giving back more to life than you take our of it.It is about creating extraordinary success with ordinary lives.

So why, “Go Kiss The World”, you ask?…..Please read the full speech to appreciate this phrase…

For full speech click here and Rasheeda’s (The Hindu) book review is here…


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