Potential 45th President Of USA

after watching TV today, I have no doubt in my mind that we saw a very charismatic, knowledgeable, able and potential 45th US Prez…

& no, I AM NOT talking about  the ‘twitter-quitter’, I am talking about John Huntsman. Seeing him handle the  introduction at the  town-hall meeting in Shanghai, China, fluently alternating between Chinese (not sure if he was speaking Mandarin or Cantonese) and English with President Obama looking upon him with great pride and all those natives in that hall, nod and smile and happily accept what Mr. Huntsman was saying was such a pleasure, I tell you!

Mr. Huntsman is the only republican that seems to me as ‘THE ONLY’ potential 45th President, in 2016 of course. He seems to have both the executive and diplomatic experiences needed to follow suit on President Obama’s steps and achievements to come.  Mr.Huntsman, who was nominated by President Obama as US ambassador in May 2009 will be the person The Daily Ping Pong hopes to be rooting for in 2015-16 and it seems to me that I am not alone in my opinion but only few months late:

Several of Obama’s top advisers in the White House regarded him as a formidable challenger. David Plouffe, who managed Obama’s presidential campaign, told U.S. News & World Report this month that Huntsman was “the one person in that party who might be a potential presidential candidate.”

The governor also has deep ties to Asia: He lived in Taiwan as a Mormon missionary, mastering Mandarin while there. He and his wife, Mary Kaye, adopted a daughter from China, and he briefly served as U.S. ambassador to Singapore in the early 1990s.

Now that is a ‘Real American’ I can trust on, unlike the twitter-quitter!!

Watch this video: between 1.40 to 7.46 for Mr. Huntsman’s bearing, his command and humility that oozes such confidence and go back and watch that ‘we are not into drama’ quitter and…..I rest my case!!


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  1. Charankums says:

    …only hope for us is tat ” atleast the next president will stop the billions of aids to Pak – which they completely use for terror activities against India”…..

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