Self Touting..

yeahhhhhhh in today’s town-hall meeting President Obama mentioned ‘Ping Pong’….

elsewhere he also said ‘the’ and ‘daily’……….and there we have it straight from President Obama’s mouth,”The Daily Ping Pong’!!

clearly, I have too much time on my hands today…where is my ‘Learn Arabic’ book..? …Oh yes, it flew out of my hands when that ‘twitter quitter’ started crackling on teevee. Must be behind or under the couch… God, I need a cup of strong coffee NOW!!



On November 7, 2009, I ended the post titled ‘Going Out On A Limb’ with this:

So, I am going out on a limb here and declare one of my goals for 2010-2011. I intend to become employably fluent in Chinese and Arabic and take up a short-term stint in UAE and thereafter visit China. This, is of course apart from my upcoming  Africa trip in March, 2010. I am putting myself on public notice here folks, and yes, you can all hold my feet to fire in this context!!!  Sandy Beaches and Great Walls,…..get ready for moi !!!

After watching, John Huntsman, I am really motivated to pursue learning chinese language at the earliest. Just as soon as I grasp the basic rules of arabic letters just so I don’t wake up screaming in broken chinese and arabic at the same time…gosh that must be one helluva way to kick-start the day for sure!!

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