et-tu, Andrew?

By the way, it’s pointless to resist. I’ll be live-blogging Oprah at 4 pm. Come back then.

Instaputz puts it as…

We watch each Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal speech fully expecting Ashton Kutcher to appear and let us in on the joke, informing America that it has in fact been punk’d and laughing uproariously at our gullibility. Our collective capacity for credulity has been strained to breaking.

Now we are faced with the daunting task of wrapping our minds around the Palin memoir Going Rogue, appearing atop a bestseller list near you. Millions of copies will be sold of a book written by someone who can’t write, intended for an audience that doesn’t read, about the thoughts of a person who doesn’t think. God is dead.

and so the circus gets ready to swing in full force!!

ummmmmmm personally for me, my $9, 1 hour of my time (watching Oprah), 4 hours of reading time(some say that is the average time for reading this ‘master bluster piece) or being sucked into watching all the links, videos and reviews that will litter the MSM and blogosphere from 4:01pm today: umm is a tossed-up-choice to make indeed. Thankfully, I have the day off and 4pm today is my ‘learning arabic’ time so guess what will be on in the background…?

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.  ~Oscar Wilde

So help me GOD!!



Update:  So what struck me most about this much publicised and long-awaited  interview??

  1. Big ‘O’ seemed very nervous and cautious not to appear to ‘snub’, ‘pounce’ or ‘tear’ into the big ‘Quitter’….resulting in a very, very, weak, much watered down brew for anyone’s taste!! Ewwwwwwwww indeed!!
  2. Any kid over 15 years of age would and should know that when one applies for a job in North America, the potential employer will check up on you. Not only potential employers, but head hunters or anyone else how have a stake in that position would/might like to know if there are any red flags, if not skeletons in the potential employee’s work, education, credit history and for some jobs even criminal history. And here  is a wacko who wants to be the next VP and a potential Prez but is astonished and taken aback by the amount of opposition researchers who landed up in the Alaska: the state she so loooooooooves and wants to be buried in.
  3. Lover of books, my foot… could not even say the word ‘caricature’ with Katie Couric in that infamous interview and sits there passing judgement on how journalistic-standards have dwindled,.. …right, who died and made her the ‘journalism-police’?, for crying out loud..
  4. Lastly 2012 and her???…NOT MADE FOR EACHOTHER.

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