Indian Family In Front Page In Toronto’s Metro News….

What you see below in the link is the beautiful picture, I saw  this morning on my way to work. Initially, I took them for a happy Tamil family of Sri Lankan origin, which is not an uncommon feature in Canadian media (more so in Toronto and what we call as Greater Toronto Area consisting of the downtown core and nearby suburbs).

The caption below the picture identified the family as from India, one Elango Ramchander, his wife Asha Ramiah  who are both HIV positive, helped found INP+ (Indian Network for People living with HIV), are seen here with the ‘apple of their eyes’, their young son who has tested negative for HIV.

This is GREAT and I am very happy for the parents. As a parent myself, I can totally understand their feelings and elation in knowing that their only child has WON. However, a nagging question remained in my mind as to why them in our local news?  What is happening? Have they relocated or are they visiting Canada?, What is the news here?

Today, November 20, 2009 is marked as Universal Children’s Day in Canada as like many other countries (further to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child with the hope of providing all children of actual right in 1989). But how is this picture or the caption relevant to Universal Children’s Day. I did not get it, folks.

So I  did some googling this evening after coming home and  found this article and in page 6 of 6, Mrs. Asha’s ‘Having a baby’ in her own words is published.

I am sorry, but I find it very unprofessional that some reporter or an editor from Metro News would use this article with the same photo without attributing any credit to the original article. To top if off, Metro has not even bothered to report the correct age of the family members.  I consider this very shoddy journalism!!

Now having said that, I had no prior knowledge about this family nor about INP+, until I read about them this morning and my curiosity prompted me to research more on them. I am very very amazed and touched, my heart goes out to the exemplary courage and determination this couple has exhibited and continue to exhibit. Being an Indian myself and having lived there, I am aware of the local, cultural taboos,  I really know what a huge stigma and challenge they are facing and how hard their journey is: and my admiration for them grows all the more!!

On behalf of this blog and also our own Ping Pongers from around the world, I am hereby pledging  our own Ping Pong In Motion’s support for Elango and Asha’s INP+ and a tip of my hat to Metro News for introducing them to me!

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