So You Think I Can Blog..??

…..’Blog, why?’, screeched  an acquaintance.

……’Why not?’, cheered another ….

not heeding to either, I decided to jump into the intertubes. The only question that surfaced thereafter, was whether to go twittering, (social)spacing or blogging. ‘Why not all of them?’, said the devil inside  my mind. ‘Hey, take it one at a time’, said the ‘sometimes present and sometimes absconding’, rationale inside my mind.

Thus was born this blog on 04Aug2009 and this will be the 104th post published. The site has notched 54 comments even though it has been spread only to family and friends for most part. The highest hit per day was 180 on 16Nov2009 for this:

Second highest was 96 on 25Nov2009 for the post on

Highest comments received per post was only 9 each for

and for this

The most satisfying experience was spawning Ping Pong In Motion.

So, you think I can blog..??


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