Misses And Kisses of 2009

Loss of a confidante
No personal partnerhip
Shiv leaving home for residence
Missed out on gym time
Missed out on some volunteering
‘Ta-ta’ to few local friendships
Slacking discipline in some areas
Missed some writing opportunities
Few stupid head-smacks
Few short-fuse moments
Missed some social events
Some avoidable expenses
Had to write few condolences
Slow progress with language-lessons
Shiv hijacking my car all the time
Getting sucked into the intertubes
Who stole my sweet baby?

Family’s steadfast love and support
Lots of loving friendships
Shiv’s academic achievement
Steady part time and full time jobs
Developed new volunteering ventures
‘Ola’ to new international friendships
Spanking new discipline in blogging
Started some blogs
Several loving new-hugs
Some new initiatives both local and international
Gained some weeks of unexpected vacation
Lots of lucky ‘pots’
Cheered new arrivals into the extended family
Found new authors whom I absolutely love
Shiv getting his driving license
Getting sucked into the intertubes
Who is this ‘I Am Eighteen Now’ geek?


Somewhere I read:

‘You’d better make peace with your past, so it won’t screw up your present.’

And, I decided to make peace with both my past and present so they won’t screw up my future.

Aha….talk of forward thinking & moi….. ha, ha, ha!!

So with very few hours left this year and so many of you…..

Where to begin and where to end?

Whom to thank and whom to hug?

What to hold on to and what to let go?

Whom to kiss and whom to kick?

Who gets to leave and who gets to stay?

Whom to cheer and for whom to hold a tear…?????

If only I knew the answers to even half of the above….ummmmmm

So for all of you in my life, both past and present, big and small, near and far, young and old, who have taken time to wish/cheer/console/encourage/prod/push/drag/scold/applaud me all through this year (2009), THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and may 2010 bring you joy, happiness, peace, good health and may you never have to do this…


Tuesday’s Headsmacks

Mary Matalin, from http://thinkprogress.org/2009/12/27/matalin-inherited-terror/

“I was there [in the Bush White House]. We inherited a recession from President Clinton and we inherited the most tragic attack on our own soil in our nation’s history. And President Bush dealt with it. And within a year of his presidency at this comparable time, unemployment was at 5 percent. And we were creating jobs.”

sure you were there Mary, but whatever you were smoking then is still way up your ‘where the sun doesn’t shine’ & keeps billowing through your mouth….watch out before it completly blows you off!!

And from across the Atlantic, in The Times Of India:

After sex sting, AP governor Tiwari ejects prematurely

TNN 27 December 2009, 12:54am IST

A day after his pictures in a sex romp were flashed in the media, the Centre got veteran Congressman N.D. Tiwari to step down as Andra Pradesh governor, disregarding his claim that he was victim f a frame-up.

He is the 85 years old, long standing national level politician who claims to have participated in India’s  struggle for independence.

Also from India:

300 crorepati babus in Bihar

A staggering 300 Bihar government employees earning modest government salaries are crorepatis. If this isn’t surprising enough, here’s more: All but two of the sleazy 300 continue to hold on to their secure as also, no doubt, lucrative – government jobs despite long stints in jails.
Crorepati clerks in Uttar Pradesh government
Now a new report by the state vigilance department says even clerks in the state government have been found owning assets far beyond their known and legitimate sources of income. According to the report, “as many as 364 clerks have been identified as ‘crorepatis’ (multi-millionaires) at the state headquarters alone”.
ok folks, it is now fezz-up time for the rest of the 25+ states. Even by my modest mental math, if the government were to recover ummmmm let me count, ok drumroll everyone…..
300x25x1000,000=75,00,00,00,000 ummmmmmmmmmmmm is what I am left with. With a side order of some headsmacks, of course..!!!

The Imaginarium Of Heath Ledger

Cami & I debated on Clooney, Heath and Guy and decided to go with Heath, this afternoon. What a lovely actor and what a terrible loss to us..!!

For those of you interested, here is a synopsis from Toronto Film Festival on The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus:

Terry Gilliam and his boundless imagination return to the Festival with a film already enshrined in cinema history as the final work of Heath Ledger. When Gilliam made the inspired decision to bring in Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to amplify Ledger’s unfinished role, a work of fantastical storytelling unexpectedly evolved into a glorious tribute to the terrific young actor. If there’s a surprise here, it’s in how beautifully Gilliam weaves the fantasy and the tribute together.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – the title smacks of fable and adventure, and the film delivers. In a sly performance full of his usual robust energy, Christopher Plummer plays a trickster showman in contemporary London, putting on acts with the aid of young Anton (the phenomenal Andrew Garfield from Boy A), his loyal friend Percy (Verne Troyer) and his beautiful daughter Valentina (Lily Cole). Their seemingly shabby shows involve antiquated tableaux that conceal the real deal: unsuspecting audience members are pulled onstage and sent through a magical mirror into a gleaming, surreal other world.

But it’s a desperate game. As a young man, Parnassus made a pact with the devilish Mr. Nick (Tom Waits, sporting a debonair pencil-thin moustache), and thus began a centuries-long battle of wits and wagers in which Parnassus is granted powers – immortality and the ability to guide the imaginations of others – but at great cost to himself and risk to his daughter. When the troupe rescues Tony (Ledger) from London’s streets, he joins their tottering sideshow, but he may not be who they hope he is. And now Mr. Nick is back to collect a debt.

For Gilliam fans, there are shades here of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Brothers Grimm andThe Fisher King. He’s as uproarious a filmmaker as ever. What’s new is his stunning command of digital technology to conceive worlds previously unimaginable. With his stellar cast, vivid effects and characteristic audacity, Gilliam once again proves himself a consummate storyteller.

Last year we were agog with Heath as Joker and here is another video from that lovely movie..(click on ‘watch on youtube’ to view the video)