O’Canada And Dee Thailand


Canada was judged the best place in the world overall to live as an expatriate. Australia was in second place and Thailand in third.

A survery of over 3100 expatriates aroud the world by HSBC Bank Internatinal compared their experienced while living and working abroad. The survey indicated that expats in Canada have the best quality of life and find it relatively easy to integrate with the local population.

Considered to be the worst for expatriates in a list of 26 countries were China, Britain, Russia, India and, in last place, Qatar.

The report covered such things as accommodation, food, entertainment, health care, working hours and commuting to work. Over half of the expats questioned had lived abroad for more than five years. (all emphasis mine).


If you are looking  for love while working abroad consider a move to Thailand. And pray head office doesn’t send you to Qatar.  Almost half of expats surveyed in Thailand said they found love in the country, compared with just four percent who had the same good luck in India or Qatar. (all emphasis mine).


And this is right about where I could go, ‘I told ya, that too, about nine years ago, ummmmmm”. But I digress.

For those wondering why ‘Dee’ Thailand, check this:http://learning-thai-language.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-to-say-good-in-thai-thai-word-of.html

Here are some uses for saying good in Thai

ดี – Dee = Good

ดีแล้ว – Dee Laew = It’s good, good enough, already good etc.

ดีมาก – Dee Mark (Pronounced without the ‘R’) = Very Good

ํดีใจ – Dee Jai = Happy, sort of excited. It’s like when you meet your friends after a few years

pour moi: c’est O’Canada

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