U.S. Senate To Ping Pong Today..

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly posted yesterday:

Over the last few days, there’s been some talk about expediting the process by bypassing the conference committee — and in the process, skipping one of the two key Republican filibusters — through what’s called the “ping-ponging” process.

There is increased chatter on Capitol Hill about a possible “ping-ponging” of the Senate health care bill: that chamber would pass its health care bill, send it to the House and the House would be asked to pass it with no changes and send it directly to the president.

That limits the options of congressional critics — under the usual procedure, lawmakers dissatisfied with the bill pushed through their chamber can win changes through adroit political maneuvering in conference committee negotiations.

“It’s the only scenario by which we could actually get this whole thing done before the New Year. The House has indicated they’d consider it, depending on what the final bill looks like over here after we finish with the sausage-making,” said a senate Democratic aide involved in the health care fight.

I find this interesting, largely as an intellectual exercise, but I find it exceedingly unlikely to happen. Indeed, House liberals are already balking at some of the proposed compromise measures, making it that much less likely the chamber would accept the entire Senate bill at face value.

And today at TPM, Brian reports:  “Democrats Agree To Tentatively Trade Opt-Out For Trigger, Medicare Buy In, And More”.

It’s shaping up folks…today should be a very interesting day indeed!!


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