Self Sabotage

For many months now I have been coaching(???) a very friendly, but clueless soul, helping her understand that she needs to move forward and not hold on to straw-heroes. I tried acclaimed principles from Tony Robbins, Feng Shui, Crystal-therapy apart from a variety of self-help books. Ummm,  all my efforts were hithereto countered with the famous, “Yes, but…” series of several kinds. But I prevailed and finally this weekend she agreed to commit herself to a process to find her Mr. Right.

So, there we were editing and polishing her profile, trying some dry-runs to make sure everything worked well on the intertube….when I noticed that most of her passwords or ids were in some shape or form related to her past ‘hero’.

“HULLO”……….., here I am trying to help her to find a new Mr. Right, when she is still deeply mired with her Mr. Past Right Gone Wrong, or rather, little-nothings about/on him.

…………talk about self sabotaging, ummmmmm, I now realise that starting with her bank accounts and emails accounts, she needs to re-set a whole bunch of passwords and…

I need a coffee with something very strong in it….!!!!


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