Vandana Shiva To President Obama: “Do Not Destroy The International Treaty”

G3 from south of the border sends this video. The speaker is Vandana Shiva, a very famous Indian environmentalist who fought against patent piracy of ‘basmati’ , is a leading voice in Copenhagen too.

Here is her message for President Obama and other world leaders, ” Do Not Destroy The International treaty”.. This is a must see video..

and here is an article on what Vandana is referencing in regards to Coco Cola, in Kerala, India:

Coke vs People: The Heat is On in Plachimada

Surendranath C
India Resource Center
April 14, 2004

With the mercury soaring high and all drinking water sources drying up fast in this harsh summer, the people’s fight against Coca-Cola’s water-guzzling plant at Plachimada village in Palakkad district, Kerala state, has turned more direct. This, despite Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd (HCBL) suspending operations at the plant following a government order issued on February 21 to stop drawing ground water from the plant premises till June 15 when the monsoon rains are due.

In the wee hours of April 3, irate villagers blocked a tanker lorry bringing water to the plant. In the morning village women lined up on the road to fill their pots with the water captured from Coke. Later in the day the police swooped on the village and arrested 44 people including seven children.

“We have an acute drinking water crisis in the entire district and I have told the company that alternative sources of water, if found and used, should not be from areas where drinking water is scarce,” district collector Sanjeev Kaushik said. “The order to the company was not to stop production but only to stop withdrawal of water from the plant premises and, as such, we are bound to help HCBL if it sought police protection for bringing water from elsewhere,” Kaushik clarified.

“For the last two years the company has been stealing precious drinking water from deep down the earth and our wells have all gone dry,” explained Mylamma, an elderly tribal woman who is one of the leaders of the water war against the multinational giant Coke. The people’s struggle against Coke has crossed 750 days, and April 22, 2004, Earth Day, will mark the second anniversary of the beginning of the vigil by the struggling community in front of the Coca-Cola plant.

You can read the entire article here: and more here:

Kudos to you Vandana, for keeping the pressure on. Keep on keeping on!!

TDPP salutes Vandana Shiva, our hero of the month.


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