Misses And Kisses of 2009

Loss of a confidante
No personal partnerhip
Shiv leaving home for residence
Missed out on gym time
Missed out on some volunteering
‘Ta-ta’ to few local friendships
Slacking discipline in some areas
Missed some writing opportunities
Few stupid head-smacks
Few short-fuse moments
Missed some social events
Some avoidable expenses
Had to write few condolences
Slow progress with language-lessons
Shiv hijacking my car all the time
Getting sucked into the intertubes
Who stole my sweet baby?

Family’s steadfast love and support
Lots of loving friendships
Shiv’s academic achievement
Steady part time and full time jobs
Developed new volunteering ventures
‘Ola’ to new international friendships
Spanking new discipline in blogging
Started some blogs
Several loving new-hugs
Some new initiatives both local and international
Gained some weeks of unexpected vacation
Lots of lucky ‘pots’
Cheered new arrivals into the extended family
Found new authors whom I absolutely love
Shiv getting his driving license
Getting sucked into the intertubes
Who is this ‘I Am Eighteen Now’ geek?


Somewhere I read:

‘You’d better make peace with your past, so it won’t screw up your present.’

And, I decided to make peace with both my past and present so they won’t screw up my future.

Aha….talk of forward thinking & moi….. ha, ha, ha!!

So with very few hours left this year and so many of you…..

Where to begin and where to end?

Whom to thank and whom to hug?

What to hold on to and what to let go?

Whom to kiss and whom to kick?

Who gets to leave and who gets to stay?

Whom to cheer and for whom to hold a tear…?????

If only I knew the answers to even half of the above….ummmmmm

So for all of you in my life, both past and present, big and small, near and far, young and old, who have taken time to wish/cheer/console/encourage/prod/push/drag/scold/applaud me all through this year (2009), THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and may 2010 bring you joy, happiness, peace, good health and may you never have to do this…


5 thoughts on “Misses And Kisses of 2009

  1. thanks for your sweet wishes….

    Happy new year wishes to u and shiv.May this new year bring much more achievements, healthy and peaceful life to both of u….

    Wishes to u from all of us…

  2. My dear M,
    Wish you the very best in 2010!- loads of happiness,love from all you hold dear,good health&prosperity.
    Your mail is thought provocking and interesting.
    Once again the very best that life can offer is wished for you!

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