Attrocity In Enchanting TamilNadu

(Warning: Graphic content )

My young friend KT from California shared this news today with a thoughtful question…’Does service mean anything in India anymore?’

Tirunelveli: A police sub inspector who died after being attacked by a gang in Tirunelveli district on Thursday allegedly failed to get help from two ministers who were passing by in their cavalcade.

Police said R Vetrivel, 44, was a victim of mistaken identity and the assailants were after another police officer. The gang threw crude bombs at Vetrivel, severely injuring his right leg. Vetrivel was then attacked with sickles, suffering deep injuries on his neck and head.

Tamil Nadu Public Health Minister M R K Panneerselvam and Minister for Environment, Youth Welfare and Sports T P M Moideen Khan who were passing by in their cavalcade allegedly failed to save Vetrivel.

The Ministers’ security escort allegedly failed to intervene in time and apprehend the attackers.

Shame on the Ministers!!

Shame on the fellow police officers on scene!!

and Shame on the other spectators on scene!!!

Where is humanity, where is brotherhood, where is looking out for one another? Above all where is human dignity if a man, more so a man who swore to upheld public safety is allowed to bleed to his death on the streets, while many stand and watch?



3 thoughts on “Attrocity In Enchanting TamilNadu

  1. Perfectly said…Humanity is on the decline. Killings have become a street show. Shame on everyone who was witnessing that tragic incident.

  2. Humanity is at a watershed. Love, concern, sympathy and tears for the needy has vanished. The More you are on the higher pedestal of life and society the less you see of humanity. It then becomed Me. mine and I all the way.
    It is no surprise the ministers acted the way they did. It is time for the next Avaatar !! The Next Jesus !! The Next Prophet Mohd. ONLY GOD CAN SAVE HUMANITY NOW !!!!

  3. it was very disturbing to see the TV channels telecast and retelecast the tragic incident. yes balu, u are right GOD ALONE CAN SAVE THIS WORLD NOW,

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