Real President (Obama) Channelled Reel President (Douglas)..??

Yesterday at Salon, Alex Koppelman notes that the way President Obama came swinging reminded him of Michael Douglas in The American President.

Alex specifically points out to the last White House press-room address by the reel president Douglas, who emphatically ends with “My name is Andrew Shepherd and yes, I am the President”.

I too was reminded of this same scene not yesterday, but the very first day (January-February 2009) President Obama suddenly walked into the White House press-room when Robert Gibbs’s was handling the press-corps. There is something similar in the cool, unperturbed and intelligent character that Douglas portrayed and President Obama personifies.

Here is the video of that scene:

When being the President of this country is entirely about CHARACTER, tell me again how President Obama has NOT demonstrated that time and again these past two years!!


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