What’s Happening To Me..?

Since this New Year, I have found myself having less and less coffee than the past 20+ years and no, I did NOT make any New year resolution in this regard. It is not that I don’t have any interest towards coffee, I do!! I ritually make coffee, fill up my cup, sit back to enjoy it while reading or blogging, but thereafter on several occasions I found that there was more than half a cup leftover, cold coffee mocking me from that damn cup!!

What’s happening to me..?? No, I did not change the coffee brand though I have now switched to a 4-cup coffeemaker as opposed to the 12-cup I used last year. My son used to joke that changing the size would not matter as I would now brew more number of times than before. Ummmmmmm.

Wondering if my taste buds have developed a rejection to coffee in particular: is there is even such a thing as a coffee-rejection-syndrome? Just wondering!


4 thoughts on “What’s Happening To Me..?

  1. Agree with Jaya.
    In my own case when I decided to take coffee without sugar
    automatically I have cut down on number of cups.
    and on the other hand Do not tell me you have taken up to say WINE ??

  2. No Bala, I have not taken up anything in the place of coffee, though my mom is gently nudging me towards green tea. While I have tasted all kinds of tea, I can’t seem to think of taking tea on a regular basis,not even masala-chai, or Latte-chai, or green-tea..,none….. whatsoever!

    I don’t even buy wine except when hosting lunch/dinner for my friends, so there you go……

  3. Jaya, thanks for your comments on the caricature, (not mine), some good soul created that & kindly put it up on the www & I found it last August…& adopted it promptly, Call it the Power of Intention, ha , ha , ha!!

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