O Canada! O Crossby!!

Team Canada Caps Golden Games With A Thrilling Overtime Win Over The United States O Crossby, who nicked the puck for a great win, with a great style!!!!

Deepest Condolences To Cami

No words can soothe over your loss, but here is a little prayer, that you find the courage needed to do what you need to do! Deepest sympathy for your loss, Cami!!

February’s Misses And Kisses

Misses: Is 2010 seems to have started a track to record an earthquake/a disaster a month? Hello..!!, global warming deniers!! Kisses: Is this the beginning of the end to the dragging bi-partisan tug-of-war? If so, yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh On personal front, I connected with my grieving cousin. She and her husband will re-bound: thanks to all the…

Horror In Chile

(Pics courtesy: ┬áThe Huffington Post) The shock and numbness in the man’s face speaks volume of the horror in the aftermath of the strong earthquake in Chile. Deepest sympathy and prayers to all those lost and/or have lost in this disaster. Please contact the following organizations to help in any way you can: Red Cross…