April’s Misses And Kisses

Misses: not meeting deadline on posting about the African trip not completing the upload of pictures & biggest of all: failure to keep up with the daily blogging Kisses: completed the stone patio in my backyard dug out flower beds for my backyard spruced up the frontyard & biggest of all: my son is back…

Say it Like It Is….

Even if one of these Republicans manages to unite all the various overlapping factions – the tea-partiers, the religious conservatives, the deficit hawks, the libertarians, the pro-business country clubbers, the Wall Street types, the neoconservatives – will he or she be sufficiently financed and talented to knock off a charismatic incumbent who’s likely to be…

Dumb And Dumber Palin

Palin just can’t stop herself from exposing her greatest trait: ‘dumbness‘. Here she is rattling to Sean Insanity on about President Obama’s new policy on START’ as reported in Crooks And Liars, It’s unbelievable. Unbelievable,” said Palin on Sean Hannity’s program. “No administration in America’s history would, I think, ever have considered such a step…

What Is It With Earthquakes And 2010?

January, 2010: Haiti February, 2010: Chile March, 2010: Turkey April, 2010: Dominican Republic update: Add China and Mexico to April’s list. We still have half a month to go. Cool down, mother nature, cool down!! Heartfelt sympathy to all those who are lost and those who have lost!!

Disgusting Doctor

……..I can’t believe the extent of stupidity that prevails in the ‘Greatest Nation In The Whole World’

Bal Thackeray, Shut Up!!

This vitriolic, non-patriotic, sad example of human being should just shut up and keep his idiotic thoughts stuck well up ┬áinto where the sun doesn’t shine on him!! Shut up Bal Thackeray, no one needs to hear your vile notions of who is Indian and who is not!! Just SHUT UP, already!!