Dissent From South Of The Border

(This is actually a comment from G3 for my earlier post ‘Say It Like It Is’, but I thought it deserved some ping-pong and I so love doing that with G3……here we are….. 3,…2,…1 go!!!)

G3 wrote:

Chicken bartering, slavery remarks etc will be state level issues unless that person runs for president. And if the economy sucks , it will be the key issue (already because of the recession, anti-incumbency feeling is very high for November elections). If people are losing jobs, homes, and their retirment savings vanishing, then obama is toast in 2012, no matter how crooked repubs are. At the going rate , it seems likely. Obama & his advisors don’t seem to have a clue and are already pulling back in the name of debt reduction. When actually they should be spending more to put people back to work. And during severe downturns xenophobia breeds very well , though generally American people are nice.

As for immigration reform , one of the lasting solutions is to re-negotiate NAFTA. But with Rubinites in charge and Obama himself being a neo-liberal, there will be all kinds of pseudo/half-baked solutions treating it as a law& order issue and not as an economic issue.
My bet : Clinton , lately on an apology tour (Haiti, Rubinomics &derivatives) , will come out soon and apologise for NAFTA.

And this deficit commission thing – once again don’t know what Obama stands for. His picks are mostly social security/medicare haters and don’t mind kicking granny when she is already down.
And one more :

Reminds me of the saying : “only Nixon could negotitate with China”. I add : Only Clinton could attack welfare, only Bush could nationalise banks, only Obama could …? Already attacking teacher’s unions and acting decisively towards privatizing public schools . Promoting free trade deals with South korea, panama , Colombia when working class people are angry about outsourcing due to free trade . more to come….

Seems Gordon Brown’s predecessor Tony Blair’s one of the first act as presidents is to go have Tea with Thatcher (the equivalent of Reagan, both neoliberal fundamentalists). And re-branded Labor party (the equivalent of the Democratic party here) as “new labor” to be business -friendly and moved more to the right – privatising national healthcare (in bits& pieces), de-regulate finance etc. Today UK voters are mad at Labor and are set to vote back plutocrat-friendly Tories back into power as punishment. Funny both US & UK are royally f*ked up by the policies of the 80′s ideological twins , are in the toilet and the opposition doesn’t provide credible alternative.people are ready to opt for the real evil in UK than the fake do-gooder. Gordon brown was Blair’s Geithner or Rubin cheering de-regulation and presiding over the party’s smackdown (poetic justice?). Clinton moved the party to the right and Obama is set to make Clinton look like a flaming liberal. Another spooky fact : thatcher is suffering from Alzheimer’s like her US twin Reagan.

My take: I totally disagree with this statement,

If people are losing jobs, homes, and their retirment savings vanishing, then obama is toast in 2012, no matter how crooked repubs are

What we see are not crooked republicans, but rabid, mad republicans. At this time there is not a single sane one at sight, leave alone one ready to go through the rigorous presidential campaign and be able to convince not only the base but also the independents and fence-sitters abound. So, unless you are into magic G3, I don’t see Obama not winning 2012 economy not withstanding.

Having said that, economy is showing signs of improving though not by the leaps and bounds some of want to see but it is improving all the same. Not bleeding more losses is by itself a first sign of progress, leave alone the green shoots.

I have to point out that on Rubin’s role, G3 has been consistently critical since 2008 (when we first exchanging emails on topics of mutual interest) and rightly so!!

Overall, I think G3 is too hard on President Obama. Undoing a mammoth mess is a time-consuming job, I feel we should give him time, if not a break, at least now & then to catch his breath, regroup and get cracking!!

….back to G3…


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