Sir, Make It “Hell No!!”

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid OSPCA

CTV.CA reports:

There has been a huge backlash from the public after it was revealed that the OSPCA planned to take the advice of experts and contain a ringworm outbreak by euthanizing all animals inside the shelter.

The protests have been angry and emotional as animal lovers have accused the OSPCA of making a rash decision.

“I’ve been a supporter for many years and they’re not getting any of my money anymore, not if they can make a decision like this,” said protester Eva McDowell.

Not one or two, but 350+ animals were to be euthanised according to a release by the SPCA, resulting in public demonstrations and police protection since May 10, 2010,at the NewMarket facility.

And now, this:

The chairman of the Ontario SPCA says that it was a “miscommunication” which led the public to believe that 350 animals would be euthanized as a result of a ringworm outbreak at a York Region animal shelter.

In the statement the York SPCA said:
“The decision to humanely euthanize affected animals was made on the best clinical and medical evidence available to us.”
The statement goes on to justify the actions taken, and what the shelter is doing now to sanitize the shelter, as well as care for the remaining animals. Of the original 352 animals at the shelter, less the animals already disposed of through euthanasia,

“… 96 animals have been fostered out to other accredited agencies, clinics, shelters and institutions capable of caring for them in isolation from other animals; 15 animals have been stolen; 15 animals who are not affected by the outbreak are in isolation in a portable structure on the site; 23 dogs and 91 cats need to be tested further. We are seeking temporary shelter for these animals for up to a month.”

Sure, ‘miscommnication’..?? The question that comes to mind is, “Did the OPSCA…?”