Going Green With Brown

My city supplied rain barrels for those of us interested in collecting and storing the rain water that comes out of the downspouts from our roofs, at a cost of course. Last Saturday, I stood in rain in the early hours to pick up mine. The demand was so high that they had to limit it to one per household. I brought it home but could not install it due to the intermittent rain and very very chilly weather.

Anyway this week my number one priority was ‘going green with brown’: my brown rain barrel. So, here it is ta, da….!!

Had to cut the downspout pipe to fit the barrel underneath it and then replace the elbow-bracket to fit on top of the barrel’s lid. I didn’t have to buy any extra part to fix this. Overall, for $36 this is a good buy!!

Hey, you rain-goddess, me ready for thou!!

ps: Feeling very nostalgic of my paternal grandmother who (forty years ago), would place large copper urns around the house to collect rain water and then filter it for domestic usage!!


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  1. Sonny says:

    Well, I’ve used rain barrels for over 40 years now and it has saved me thousands of dollars on Water Bills. And, less chemicals on my veggi garden, as well.
    One other important thing to remember will be to keep your rain gutters extra clean, if using them to channel rainwater into your barrels.
    I’ve searched for years, bought every tool out there, and had not found anything worthwhile or that kept me off from a ladder, including gutter guards, screens, and filters. These too have to be cleaned at least twice a year along with the gutters if you want them to work properly.
    Around Christmas of this past year, I found, on-line a wonderful gutter cleaning tool, called the Gutter Clutter Buster. It fastens to my wet/dry vac, directly to the hose and actually vacuums out my rain gutters. It gets them so clean that my rainwater is cleaner and I’m rid of stagnant water, bugs, mosquito larva, along with wet compacted leaves and dry pine needles. I no longer have to fear the dreaded chore of climbing up and down the ladder anymore and in turn I get the job done a lot faster.
    So, I too, really enjoy using my rainwater for over 50 various chores around the exterior of our home. This has truly been a win-win situation for us. Thanks to the inventors of the Gutter Clutter Buster, who does in fact make the “best gutter cleaning tool on the market today!”

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