Going Green With Green

OOOOOopps I did it again!! Yup, yup, I’d better come clean and confess now before the card cat gets out of the bag..!! Wait, wait for the drum roll please……

I am now a “PRESTO-Gal’!!

The latest in my city is the Presto Card: the one card that can be used to travel across multiple transit systems without any transfers, any coin-counting or standing in the queue (to buy the monthly pass or the  tickets). I hop on the bus near my home and tap the card on a special machine on the bus and await the ‘poing’ sound and then when I reach the GO station, tap again for another ‘poing’…& off I go my merry way!!  In the evening tap for a  ‘poing’ and again tap for a ‘poing’ & and I am home!!

Click here for the ‘poing’:

Need to add more $$ to the card..?  I can do it even at 12 midnight from my computer from anywhere there is internet access. Now, how cool is that!! I can print out monthly statement of my travel-records for year end tax-credits. I can register the card to safeguard the balance against theft and loss. This card is transferable so my family members can use it when I don’t need it. I can use the card for any number of people as long as there is sufficient balance. I can even gift this travel card to anyone I chose to!!



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