A Wish Upon A Wedding

Here is what my son wrote to sweet little KB …..

To My Akka

You ran with me, danced with me, walked on beaches with me

You played with me, you posed with me

You ate with me, you sang for me

Always welcoming me

Always encouraging me

Now, on your special day, for all your goodness

I wish you all the greatest blessings

And lots of loves to you, my AKKA


Oh Sure, Buck up Mr. President!!

I never would have dreamed that I would one day quote with W’square. But after watching this video by the admirable Rachel Maddow, I would ask for POTUS to buck up and do even more.

Mr. President, you know not yet what you can do Sir, please go full steam ahead!!.

You can do it and ONLY YOU CAN DO IT!!

Who Said Toronto Is Boring?

Oh My!!

At least 300 people were arrested as violence broke out after thousands of anti-G20 protesters marched through downtown Toronto on Saturday, prompting police to use tear gas in the city for the first time.

“I am profoundly disappointed in the criminal acts which have taken place,” Toronto police Chief Bill Blair said at a news conference.

“We have seen windows broken and police cars burned. It is very regrettable that such vandalism and violence could not be prevented. I want to assure you that the persons responsible will be held accountable.”

Four police vehicles were set ablaze, store and bank windows were smashed and much of the area was put under security lockdowns. At least 300 people were arrested, the Integrated Security Unit said.

Throughout the evening, police moved people east along Queen Street. Police were still trying to move small groups out of the downtown core early Sunday, hours after most demonstrators had gone home.

Shortly before 8 p.m., a police vehicle that had been damaged earlier in the day on Queen Street, just east of Spadina Avenue, was torched. Police in riot gear descended near the burning wreckage to push people back.

Two police cruisers were torched earlier at the corner of King and Bay streets in the heart of the financial district, sending plumes of black smoke into the air. As one vehicle burned, protesters surrounded officers who were trying to protect the second car, CBC reporter Amber Hildebrandt reported on Twitter.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/06/26/g20-saturday-protests.html?ref=rss#ixzz0s37VCKpc

Weekly WJR (Walk/Jog/Run) Update (part 2)

After a total of 4 hours and 37 minutes from June 19th to June 25, 2010 and one ‘used computer-table’ and ‘not so working computer-chair’ later, I am all set for a successful second week of WJR chalenge. To read more of last week’s saga, click here.

June 26th: left home at 5.41pm and returned at 6.13pm


June 27th: left home at 5.45pm, returned 6.15pm

June 28th: left home at 7.50pm, returned at 8.50pm (yes, I had my cell with me).

June 29th: left home at 8.13pm, returned at 9.24pm.

June 30th: clocked 30 minutes in two trips.

July 1st: left home at 7.58pm, returned at 8.50pm.

July 2nd: left home at 5.40pm, returned at 6.20pm.

Total tally: 9hrs 15 mts for the second week…yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Let Me Be The First To Ask

…..it’s day three, even Jon Stewart ran two days of McChrysbacle and it makes me wonder which bunker did the Cheneys hunker into with W’square (Wasilla Wackjob)?

Update: Looky here, W’square emerges through cronies touting in her facebook that:

She has bigger battles to fight, battles to restore our strength internationally and stand by our allies, battles to stop the downward slide of our economy, and battles to take back control of Congress.

oh my, oh my, restore our strengths internationally, stop the downward slide of our economy and battles to take control of Congress???

Hey wacky, how about trying to restore your own reputation, stop the downward slide or your family finances and battle to take control of your name…oh wait, I forget she resides in an alternate universe keenly awaiting her devotees to bail her out, never mind, what was I thinking anyway..??

Start lining up folks, your hero needs you or rather your $$$$

President Obama’s Hat-trick

I posted earlier: POTUS:Hat-trick Winguts:0

and here is what some of my favourite bloggers/mediates said:….

Steve Benen:

The president doesn’t seem to care much about media reactions when weighing major decisions, but I suspect many in the West Wing, who’ve no doubt grown tired of un-passable media tests, will be pleased that observers are finally satisfied with a presidential appearance, at least for now.

Watertiger at The Dependable Renegade:

McChrystal relieved of duty . . . to be replaced by PETRAEUS?! Doubling down on the stupid.

Not enough facepalms in the world.

Greg Sargent:

It’s not impossible that the McChrystal crisis will turn out to have an upside for Obama. While it has obviously created a short-term political crisis, it has also given him the opportunity for a very high-profile reassertion of control at a critical moment. It’s hard to imagine a single pundit on either side questioning Obama’s leadership in the wake of this decision and Obama’s execution of it. In short, Obama finally did kick an ass.

Ed at Instaputz:

Way to go, Mr. President: fire an insubordinate Stanley McChrystal and replace him with George W. Bush’s personal butt boy. That’ll help.

Josh Marshall: ..

.So when I woke up this morning I still couldn’t quite see how President Obama could not fire McChrystal. But I also couldn’t quite imagine him doing it.

But he did. Showed me a different side of him. And what I really couldn’t have imagined was that he found a way not just to acquit himself honorably and protect the office but actually enhance his prestige and standing.

Michael Crowley:

In taking that stand, and quickly installing Petraeus, Obama should quiet critics who have been mocking him for an allegedly timid approach to the BP oil spill in recent weeks. The change of generals was the firm action of a hands-on executive. And a self-confident one, too.

Fred Kaplan:

Obama’s decision to replace McChrystal with Gen. David Petraeus is a stroke of brilliance, an unassailable move, politically and strategically.

Here is my two cents: I wrote hat-trick because in a swift move, POTUS:
shut the media from running circles around him, trying to define or distract him and the country into sound-bites and media-cycles.
shut the wingnuts from so much as squeaking anything other than ‘good choice’.
shut McChrystal and any other potential ‘loud-mouthed,disrespectful, service men/women from so much as spelling ‘bad-conduct’.

and the sheer style in which he did it is worth watching again and again!!