Love One Another (part 2): By Michael


I also mean love in action in the sense that the wildlife has an order to it, the animals behave in predictable patterns, everything works in harmony. You never see fat lions – they eat only when hungry and after eating they will walk passed a sick animal that could be easy pray because they only kill when they need to eat.
There are no overweight animals, no killing for amusement or sport, no arguments because of damaged pride or ego.

We watched a tiny bird pick the ticks out of the horns of a giraffe – they have a symbiotic relationship, each needs the other. We watched a baboon platoon playing on the wall of the dam, just being baboons. We saw a lion pride devouring their kill, the two white cubs being the first white lions in Timbavati since 1975 and again Omega had tears in his eyes.

I am using the term ‘love one another’ as my way of remembering Africa. The people love the animals, the animals ‘love’ each other. There is harmony in African nature that is so different to my world.

We humans have such capacity compared to wild animals. We can think, we can observe, we can create, we can change our patterns of behaviour. Unlike animals we don’t have to be slaves to our programmed response and automatic reflexes. We can change ourselves.
The more I think about our capacity the more amazed I am about our potential as individuals, let alone as groups working together in a love one another relationship.

Why do we waste our capacity? Why do we kill each other for sport, or fun, or revenge? Why do we overeat when depressed? Why do we get depressed? Why do we argue and fight about rubbish? Why do we prance around demonstrating our ego? Why do we envy, retaliate, criticise? Why do we feel the need to ravage nature and work against it? Why do we continue to pollute our home?

We have this immense capacity to love one another, to live in harmony with one another and with nature, to improve life and lives. Why don’t we learn from the “wild” animals in Africa and make a conscious choice to live in love from now on.

As Michael Jackson wrote, “I’m looking at the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways.”

Love one another.

May Peace be with you,

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