Note To President Obama…

Sir, it doesn’t matter whom you would have fired or whose ass you would have kicked!! This is not a woulda/coulda/shoulda moment and you are not a woulda/coulda/shoulda President. This is a very serious issue and it needs a very serious President to handle this mess. Stop pandering to the pathetic drama-seekers and whiny-freepers and start serious rebuilding efforts at the coast.

Mr. President, what the Gulf needs immediately is a ‘Coast Rebuilding Taskforce’. A taskforce that would: call for all the unemployed people of the affected states to report to the coastlines, organise and impart rescue /rebuilding  camps and let the public get involved in the organised efforts. The affected population is angry and frustrated and rightly so! You need to make it possible for them to  re-direct their feelings of inability and inadequacy into something more constructive and of course, bill BP for all the costs.

Mr. President, this is a war: a war against the very ecology that feeds millions of lives,  a war against livelihoods, heritage and culture as one oyester-farmer rightly said, a war against not only our present but also our past and future and if you don’t treat this as a war-time emergency, it doesn’t matter whose ass you kick Sir, the people of the US and the whole world will readily kick yours!!!


5 thoughts on “Note To President Obama…

  1. Each one of man’s actions against nature will revoke a reaction from nature.. I think it is already happening.

  2. This is a disaster of tragic proportions which yet again proves the might of the lobbyists in their influence of Parliament and the wholesale sell out to the US Dollar

    Would it be possible to just go ahead and do what the author suggests without waiting for some politician to say so?

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