Getting Involved: Gulf Coast Recovery

Huffington Post reports on a 11 year old Olivia’s efforts to save the birds affected by the oil-spill.

and CNN reports on Volunteers for Gulf Coast cleanup

For those who wish to participate, has a very good article on different ways to do it:

The Gulf Oil Spill: 7 Ways to Help
Whether you volunteer, report oil-slicked wildlife, write to Congress, donate money or boycott BP, there are several actions you can take in response to the unprecedented BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Steven Colbert, of the The Colbert Report raised $150000 from Microsoft for the Gulf Cleanup:

Microsoft agreed to give $2,500 to The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund, set up through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, for each time Colbert mentioned Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. In all, the comedian brought up Bing 40 times, including some creative uses of words like “rob-BING”.

TDPP salutes Olivia, Stephen and all valuable volunteers already on the job including the brave Associated Press writer, Rich Mathews who went under the deep waters to report first hand on the extent of the oil-spill and spread.

Journalist dives into Gulf, can see only oil

It takes 30 minutes to clean off after diving into ocean 40 miles from shore

Please get involved and contact one of the many organisations such as:

•The National Wildlife Federation has set upmobile giving services to support their work in the Gulf Coast. Donors can send a text message with the code “WILDLIFE” to 20222 to automatically give a $10 donation to help wildlife affected by the oil spill.

•Oxfam America is working to help affected communities with financial assistance, as well as protect local wetlands and marshes. Make a tax-deductible donation to Oxfam America.

•The Oiled Wildlife Care Network is providing volunteer information, though help from private citizens is not being requested at this time.

Global Green plans to spend the coming months working to protect injured wildlife and to lobby Congress to enforce tougher regulations on the oil and coal industries. Volunteer with Global Green or donate to support these efforts.

The National Audubon Society is asking concerned citizens to donate or volunteer. Sign up to get trained and volunteer to help local birds.

CrisisCamp set up a conference call for Friday afternoon — follow the notes of this meeting, containing volunteer information with nonprofits and information from government organizations. You can also follow the CrisisCamp oil spill Twitter list for updates.

Mobile Baykeeper, and affiliate of Waterkeeper Alliance, is dedicating resources to educate potential volunteers on how to help and address the long term environmental change needed in the Gulf region. Make a donation to these efforts.

•The International Bird Rescue Research Center is coordinating a professional rescue team to help birds covered in oil. You can help by reporting wildlife affected by the oil spill to the organization by calling 866-557-1401. You can also make a donation to support their work.

•The Sierra Club is gathering volunteers to help with the cleanup efforts on the Gulf Coast. Sign up online to volunteer and the Sierra Club will help you find the right opportunities for you.

•The Coalition To Restore Coastal Louisiana is also helping to coordinate volunteers. You canregister online to volunteer or make a donation.


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