Waka Waka Bites Me

Ok, ok, got to admit that this time unlike any before, I have been intrigued enough to watch replays if not the original FIFA games. Watched South Africa Vs Mexico and also Argentina Vs Nigeria.  I sat through the entire replays with my son providing his expert commentary for both these matches. I would say 2 out of 5 matches is a pretty good score for me.

Today, is a totally different story. Today is the big match North American pubs and bars were willing to pay huge ransom for. (Canadian government even granted special permission to open pubs and bars one hour early for this FIFA season). So you can guess how I spent my day, right.??

Wrong!! Turns out FIFA is not for the faint of hearts like moi. My lilly-liver was shivering and cringing pathetically at each of USA’a foiled kick and disappointed look, not to mention the team manager’s yelling- what a long chinned bully!! Anyway, my neighbourly love outshone my allegiance to Her Majesty and I kept popping in and out of my family room where the TV was in full blare, irritating and interrrupting my son’s FIFA-penance, hearing all about the English goal (cringing some more) and then much, much later about the US tie-in. Oooooooooffff!!!! No wonder the sports enthusiasts prefer pubs/bars to watch these games. I would have run the place dry had I been there…phew!!

Got to admit that England lived up to ONION’S review:

2010 World Cup Teams To Watch

While Brazil and Argentina seem to grab all the attention, the field is as interesting as it is deep. Onion Sports points out the keys for each national side.

Ghana: Though not expected to make it to the quarterfinals, they should win the Eukaryotic Protist trophy, given to the team with malaria that advances the farthest

England: Known for inventing new ways to underperform; look for England’s players to lose their first World Cup match by forgetting what time it starts and everyone going skydiving instead

North Korea: DPRK players could be tough to defend, as they have nuclear devices strapped to their chests

Spain: If this talented team of handsome young playboys is able to keep from sleeping with beautiful women long enough to play full 90-minute matches, it should be considered a favorite

Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo has a knack for always having his hair in just the right place at the right time.

United States: Full disclosure—the government mandates we include an entry for the United States in a list like this

France: Proof that basing an offense around being standoffish and unappealing can work if you really put your heart into it

South Africa: Team has the potential to go very far, as they know which parts of the field to avoid if you don’t want to get stabbed to death


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