Let Me Be The First To Ask

…..it’s day three, even Jon Stewart ran two days of McChrysbacle and it makes me wonder which bunker did the Cheneys hunker into with W’square (Wasilla Wackjob)?

Update: Looky here, W’square emerges through cronies touting in her facebook that:

She has bigger battles to fight, battles to restore our strength internationally and stand by our allies, battles to stop the downward slide of our economy, and battles to take back control of Congress.

oh my, oh my, restore our strengths internationally, stop the downward slide of our economy and battles to take control of Congress???

Hey wacky, how about trying to restore your own reputation, stop the downward slide or your family finances and battle to take control of your name…oh wait, I forget she resides in an alternate universe keenly awaiting her devotees to bail her out, never mind, what was I thinking anyway..??

Start lining up folks, your hero needs you or rather your $$$$

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