‘Diva’ or ‘Miva’ Men?

Why is the word ‘sandals’ not good enough for men?

At The Huffington Post today:

President Obama was out and about on Friday night, stopping by DC’s International Spy Museum with Michelle and Sasha. He was the most dressed-down we’ve seen him this summer, wearing a short-sleeved, white button-down shirt, jeans and mandals a.k.a. man sandals. (emphasis mine)

Urban Dictionary has two meanings:

(noun)-man sandal-a men’s summer shoe, that consists of black or brown leather that covers more than 50% of the foot, buckles and a thick sole


Sandals, particularly of the leather strappy european nature, worn by russian, gay, or fashionably misled men. (emphasis mine)

NYDailyNews.com has this article:

Tips for wearing men’s sandals, or mandals


Really? Seriously menfolks: man-purse, mandals, what next? Would you guys wear red-stilletos and call it milletos..???

Seems to me that men are more ‘diva’ than women. On second thoughts, maybe they will now want to be called ‘miva’ instead…he, he, he!!


I Did Not Know…..

  • The name CANADA comes from KANATA meaning ‘village’ in Iroquoian.
  • Basketball was invented by Canadian James Naismith in 1891.
  • Canadians participated in the Siege of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
  • Able Seaman William Hall was the  first blackman  to be  awarded the Victoria Cross (for his role in the Siege of Lucknow).
  • No Canadian has been honoured with Victoria Cross since 1945.
  • Montreal is the second largest mainly French-speaking city in the world after Paris.
  • Saskatchewan was once ‘the breadbasket of the world’.

Ok, you must all have guessed it by now…Yup, after almost ten years of living in Canada as a PR, I am taking my “Citizenship Test” tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Me, me, welcomes me…ok, also you if you so desire!!

A Tale Of Two Tails

Ever since I put up the four bird feeders early July, around 6.15am and 6.15pm everyday, my backyard rings of feathery flutters. Many sparrows, finches and doves regularly fight each other for their share of the treats.

But every evening, the most entertainment comes from these two fantastic characters.
1. As if sensing my presence in the backyard, they cautiously land on the ground near the feeders. The dove comes first, and then the sparrow follows.
2. Slowly they hop around the ground pecking at the fallen seeds in total harmony, respecting each other’s territorial treats.

3. After sometime, the dove gets greedy and starts nagging pecking at the sparrow and shoos it away. With nary a care, the sparrow lands deftly on the feeder itself and partakes its treat.

4. After few minutes, the dove runs out of seeds on the ground. Unable to feed off the feeder like the smaller bird, it hops from one feeder to another pathetically searching the ground for leftover seeds. Then, it hops near the sparrow as if hoping that the sparrow will swing the feeder to scatter some seeds to the ground. The sparrow shows the finger feather to the dove!!