Congrats CB And KGB


And to KGB

Congrats on your new son!!


5 thoughts on “Congrats CB And KGB

  1. Congrats KGB, Been hearing about the “big news” and the preparations from M.
    My best wishes to the young couple

    • Hi AT
      Thanks for the Good wishes. The Bride and Groom are at their home now. 99% of preparations was completed by C and balance shared by me

  2. Hi
    Thanks for all the good wishes from you and all friends on the blog. The Marriage went on fine and the bride and groom are travelling to their family temple for blessings.
    Thanks once again

  3. Dear KGB & CB:
    first,my congds to u 2 on ur promotion as father in law and mother
    in law.. I had seen ur invitation for K’s marriage and my wife & I were very happy.
    I had been following K’s Bridal showers blog and really appreciate K’s groom and his efforts.

    I had written a separate letter and grtgs to ur address.. there was some delay in posting the letter.. anyhow it will reach u [perhaps in one or two days].. Our best wishes to the young couple and we pray for ur daughter and son in law’s good health and good life.
    God will bless u all . from Mrs and Dr Mallikarjunan

  4. Hi Uncle
    Thanks for all the good wishes. We have grown up with your blessings. We used to relish your “God Bless You” wishes and have picked up the same from you as I grow old. Thanks for all the love concern and blessings you have bestowed on us

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