A Father’s Journey….

From …………………………………………………to…………………..

Hi, the preparations are in final stage. Was running around all thru yesterday. God should bless us. Function should go on without a hitch. Not able to sleep. But do not call now, Mrs. is resting. It is just the tension. She has done so much for this function and is still slogging. Pray for us! Sent 2.43am 30jun2010

Good morning. Thanks for your wishes.Sent 7.10pm 30Jun2010

Hi, we have taken over the wedding-hall. More guests have come. Am hitting bed. Good night. Sent 9pm on 01Jul2010

Hi, the morning and afternoon functions went on fine. Going for reception shortly. Held my nerves but very nice people. Sent 6pm on 01Jul2010

Hi, just back home, reception went well. Around 700 guests. Waiting for the morning. Thanks and Good night. Sent 10.30pm on 01Jul2010

Hi good morning. Getting ready for the final session. The functions to start at 6am. With all good wishes and blessings of GOD, the cerremony should be over in another four hours time. Shall keep you informed. Sent 5.30am on 02Jul2010

Ya, muhurtham over mappilai vandachu (the groom has arrived!). God is great. Sent 12 noon on 02Jul2010

Hi, marriage registration over. Good and playful lunch. Now nalangu going on and it is fun. This is my greatest day! Sent 3.09pm on 02Jul2010


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