Bring Them Home Already (part 2)

On November 5, 2009, I posted, “Bring Them Home Already”. And today my heart feels lighter after  reading this at DAILY KOS, (read the whole post here):

U.S. Troop Strength In Iraq 2003-2010
May 2003 150,000 – Invasion force
October 2007 171,000 – Height of Surge
January 2009 142,000 – Beginning Obama administration
February 140,000
March 137,000
May 134,000
June 130,000
September 124,000
October 117,000
November 115,000
December 110,000
February 2010 98,000
April 95,000
May 92,000
June 90,000
July 77,500

My hope is that the 40000+ men and women got to spend some quality time with their family and also keeping my fingers crossed that not all of them got re-deployed into Afghanistan. May all those you are now in Afghanistan also start coming home to their own families!!!

TDPP requests again to POTUS,’Bring them home already’

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