G3 Eviserates Obama

G3, my friend from south of the border, writes:

Naomi Klein talked about the Afghan war protests during G20.  Like she said, it is again we the common people who pay for the war – be it through taxes (and service cuts ), putting our lives on the line for the Empire’s follies or getting killed by drones. . I recommend Arundhati Roy’s fantastic piece “The Algebra of infnite justice” (available online) for background on Afghan .

Besides our soldiers, I will also remember what we are doing to “them”, the Afghan civilians killed . It is easy to forget,  for they are out of sight, out of mind. Amy Goodman was here last month and I went to hear her speak (2  times lucky in 5 months).  She mentioned how, if just for one week, all the MSM showed all of the destruction we are causing in Afghan , public opinion will change fast against the war . I have seen the local anti-war marches here  dwindling in  number since Obama took office. Seems some are liberals whose aim is to blindly oppose Bush  and cheer for Obama even if they do the same thing.

The Iraq withdrawl plan was implemented by Bush with pressure from  Maliki. I doubt if Obama could have done it, despite his “peace” candidate image. Repugs would have gone into a tizzy, presidents McCain & Lieberman would have objected and Obama would have played nanny to pacify them , as part of his bipartisanship ponzi scheme.  Wonder if he is already preparing the ground for more hippie punching on the Afghan withdrawal calling it as an “obsession” for some, during G20. With Obama, I won’t believe until it is all done, because he doesn’t seem capable of standing up for anything.

Funny the DKOS diarist should mention Howard Zinn, a progressive and a patriot who strongly questioned the US empire. He had this to say about Obama : “I think people are dazzled by Obama’s rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president–which means, in our time, a dangerous president–unless there is some national movement to push him in a better direction.”   That is what we progressives are trying to do thru anti-war protests, criticising his embrace of Bush/Clinton Wrecking Crew , primary challenges (Lincoln narrowly squeaked thru though). Lincoln came up with some strong derivatives reg under primary threat (Ii was one of those at Moveon.org who voted to primary her) , which made Wall street lapdog Turbo tax Timmy pee in pants and the WH watered it down.

Aaahhhh, Van Jones  – Obama threw him under the bus to pacify Glenn Beck (or didn’t have the guts to defend Jones against Becks’ attacks). Jones talking about the “hole” Obama inherited – hahahaha – laughable since Obama is using the arsonists who caused the hole to plug it . .

Update from Mia: Yes, I am an Obamabot, but TDPP is open to others viewpoints and has no objection to publish dissenting articles and opinions in this site. In fact TDPP welcomes differing opinions and debating opportunities. So, go for it folks, stir the pot and let the clearest rationale froth up!!

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  1. michael says:

    I live in Australia, or little America when it comes to war.
    I have no idea what the person here is saying – Americans seem to me to be obsessed with jargon, and jump from one idea to the next without bothering to explain what is meant.

    Utter gibberish.

  2. G3 says:

    Michael, yes it sounds gibberish if you don’t follow US politics. I am aware this is not a US political blog and rarely comment/post here .It was malkan who posted it from our email exchange.

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