Why Progressives Eviserate POTUS?

I have been following several progressives like G3, express their utter disbelief and disappointment with President Obama. I  have been  trying to understand their point of view and I must admit they have me totally confused at their rationale!!

In my opinion:

1: By 2008, economy was tanking like crazy, jobs were melting like ice-cream on a hot day, banks were falling like flies into an oil pot.

2: By 2008, most Americans  other than some self-centred politicians, high-stake military contractors and allied resources had all lost their patriotic flavour for war.

3: By 2008, most Americans whether progressives or conservatives were ready for a change.

and that was why, USA created history in 2008 and Barack Obama stepped up to bat! And bat he did with full gusto!!

On September 8, 2009, I posted, “Are You Fired Up Yet?”?  and outlined a list of all important things achieved by President Obama.

For those not keen on reading, do check out Rachel Maddow’s excellent compilation, which I posted on June 27, 2010 on what President Obama has achieved thus far here.

Just this week the historical Financial Reform has passed. Even the smuggest, hypocritical wingnut (in my opinion), Charles Krauthhammer is freaking out.

Why then do the progressives continue to eviserate President Obama? Why does G3 feel this way even as early as September 2009?

Boy, he (President Obama) doesn’t miss a chance to take a jab at the left , with some false equivalences with republicans. We are only demanding what he promised on the campaign trail. And I don’t understand why he is hell-bent on preserving those insurance industry jobs (that is his excuse for not going the sibngle payer way) while he didn’t hesitate a bit to ruthlessly cut those auto industry jobs (who were one of the few groups making “real” things). He didn’t even demand that those companies keep all the remaining jobs here (GM might even move HQ to Mexico I understand).
He is forgetting that it is the left which put him on top over Hillary. And he is due for a royal smackdown sometime. I think he gave way too much credit for the lunatic repugs. Some people refuse to learn.

.I am one of those on the left who can’t be pleased easily any more by platitudes ((Matt Taibbi ‘s phrase: “I am for Sunshine & puppy” platitudes). Bill Maher pointed out Bush was very good at gettin things done even if he had crappy ideas. And here we have someone who is so dragging his feet unable to channel the anger against insurance companies, wall street etc after coming into office similar to Reagan with people longing for change. . He bizarrely praised Reagan way back in 2008 but if there is one lesson he can take from Reagan, it is not to act like the nice girl but use the mood for change to transform. He seems pretty inept still mooning on repug support…..

Now, I am not naive to state that President Obama and his administration did not make any mistake thus far. Of course they did! And they probably will do so in the days to come too. I also understand that even President Obama’s feet should be held to fire, that is the purpose of checks and balances of a democracy!

But, I also feel that every day these progressives screech and freak at President Obama, calling him incompetent, inept or whatever is a day missed in highlighting to the public what has been achieved so far and what more can be done. If the advance public opinion-trends of the upcoming 2010 election is not reason enough for these progressives to get their act together, they may very well get their wish of seeing President Obama losing in 2012. Is that really a win-win situation for these progressives? Is that really what they want? Do they really think that they have a chance at getting any more done with someone other than President Obama? If they say yes, man they must have one hell of a hallucination south of the border!!

“Always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics”

BARACK OBAMA, MSNBC interview, Sep. 25, 2006


I feel think progressives must not………..

Update: Word-police points out that the last sentence should read, “I think” and not “I feel”. Ok, boss, corrected!!

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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks again,
    interesting debate
    bless you

  2. G3 says:

    We have about 15 million unemployed and our economy needs radical restructuring and the Obama people don’t have a clue. They apply some band-aid and are waiting for some job fairy to work some magic. Start here , for example :


    History shows lasting change comes from bottom up , not top down. A classic : Howard Zinn on how FDR’s presidency came to be the best in US. (He won 4 terms when there was no limit ).

    we Progressives are trying to do something on the line and we will keep trying – probably taking baby steps. We are minority but hopefully many will join us eventually to form a movement and some leader will emerge like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.That is our best hope for fundamental change. If not, the downward spiral continues and God knows what.

    I forwarded this to my friends in India too about how real democracy works. Too many of them have the same opinion as you : vote & then become lapdogs & cheer lead for the leaders blindly . It is a weird form of dictatorship . One major difference is we don’t bother voting in real dictatorship .You talk about checks & balances but then call progressive criticisms as whining. Dissent/criticisms are very valuable forms of feedback.

  3. G3 says:

    One more – about the Dems approach for november. If you skip the technical details , you still could get a sense of the situation here I think.


  4. G3 says:

    Progressives are like dogs. YES , WATCH DOGS , NOT LAPDOGS (like Obamabots). Never ever forget it was porgressives who got behind him in the start when everybody else lined up behind Hillary , and eventually put him over the top. Our critcisms are more like that of a loving/concerned parent trying to push the wayward child in the right direction, a child who is performing way below potential. Remember this ?

    When we “whiny” progressives demanded he pass a really string stimulus and he was chasing the non-existent repug votes? And he was trying to bail out the discredited Republican/conservative brand from the toilet and making it relevant?

    We can shut up but you can’t paper over the inept handling of BP oil spill , or the growing hubris in Afghan or the economic hubris due to lost jobs, falling home values, foreclosures etc. Not to mention all the collateral damages – homelessness, deaths, divorces, suicides, depression and the rising nationalism (like the AZ law). All this while Wall street is back to McProfits, McBonuses which angers the public. He has a choice – listen to his base who will not tell what he wants to hear, but what he really needs to know what is going on in the real world outside the DC bubble and respond. Or try half-hearted measures like his health reform and fin reform bills which hardly shake up the insurance industry & wall street cartels, continue to make republicans relevant and get smacked in 2012 because people loose trust in him.

    If you hate that, you will love a REpublican congress and the impeachment circus. Oh yeah, Obama will have realised his bipartsian dreamland in a strange way.

    We will try our best to make sure he gets more populist and don’t disappoint people.

  5. G3 says:

    Remember this? “Rosa sat so that Martin could walk. Martin walked so that Obama could run. Obama ran so that our children could fly.” Rosa & Martin are progressives who went up and challenged the establishment. MLK didn’t sit sedated & drool at Lyndon johnson hoping he will do the right thing. He created a mass movement and pushed Lyndon johnson and the result was the landmark Civil Rights act. If not for that whiny progressive, you won’t have him as prez today.

    I am very proud of the progressive tradition for all the good things – anti-war movements, women’s rights, civil rights, clean water & air regulations, and all other tons of goodies which makes life worth living even amidst all the hubris today.

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