Shame On You, President Obama!

I find it very, very depressing to read about Shirley Sherrod’s recent ‘moment of realisation’….

Crooks And Liars reports:

Shirley Sherrod was an employee of the USDA; specifically, the USDA Georgia director of rural development. In a speech to the Georgia chapter of the NAACP, she tells a story that appears to indicate she prefers to put black folks ahead of white folks.

Here is the full video:

But one stupid, malicious wingnut named Breibart, posts an edited video of this speech, which makes it appear like she is deliberately discriminating against white farmers and  conservative media-nuts sing loud and blood-seeking  crazy song and dance. What does the White House do?  President Obama’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, promptly fires this lady in what seems to be a very hasty, knee-jerking, un-informed and a totally wrong manner!

Huffington Post reports:

Sherrod said she was on the road Monday when USDA deputy undersecretary Cheryl Cook called her and told her the White House wanted her to resign because her comments were generating a cable news controversy.

White House proudly proclaims that they stand behind their man, who spinelessly did not stand behind his Director but unjustly threw her under the bus and ran over her just for some good measure! Shame on Tom Vilsack and shame on the White House!

But most importantly……

……………………President Obama, Shame On You Sir!!!

Update: Now, some people seem to comment that Sherrod could have phrased her speech in a different way, a  better way. My response is, why should she? What did she have to hide? She is talking very candidly about her real life situation in a very honest way. She is recounting her story, her personal journey about how she personally overcame her own beliefs and what is the need to ‘dress up her own moment of realisation’?

No matter what President Obama  and his White House say, TDPP considers Sherrod  a hero and salutes her!!

Update 2: Here is what AJC reports:

The wife of a white Georgia farmer on Tuesday defended a federal agriculture official who lost her job for saying she once withheld help to the couple on the basis of race. The former official, Shirley Sherrod, “kept us out of bankruptcy,” said Eloise Spooner, 82, of Iron City in southwest Georgia. Spooner, in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, added she considers Sherrod a “friend for life.” She and her husband, Roger Spooner, approached Sherrod for help in 1986 when Sherrod worked for a nonprofit that assisted farmers.

Shame on you, President Obama, shame on you, Sir !!

Update 3: This rabid wingnut Breibart, posted the ‘edited’ video he received from his source, without even seeing the full video and created all this ruckus. Karma is a bad bitch, Breibart, I can’t wait to post on your karmic reconciliation!


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