Note To Mrs. Sherrod

CONGRATULATIONS for making history, Madam!

Other than sharing your gender and your profession of government service, I do not have anything common with you and your priceless years of experience.  This is not an advice but a humble request. I wish to impress upon you to reconsider your decision not to take the job offered by USDA as reported in Good Morning America this morning.

Tom Vilsack made a mistake and he has offered a very public apology which seemed as genuine as your own video-presentation. While I am not discounting your pain and suffering, I would urge your to accept this offer and get back to doing what you do best- serving the people who need you!!

If you reject this offer, you are not only turning down a genuine apology and a sincere attempt to make right  a wrong,  you are also turning down the multitudes of people in need. And, most importantly you will have made the very rabid, wingnuts a huge success in their stupid pursuits. So, please do not reject this offer!!


4 thoughts on “Note To Mrs. Sherrod

  1. She should be able to look past this & not fear on her treatment. Her life is so much bigger that her doubts & fears!!

  2. It is not fear, but if she feels it affects her self-respect, good for her. Especially after this :
    “Shirley Sherrod said that when she had to pull over on the side of the road in Georgia, when she was being told to resign, that the main reason, she was told, was that she would be on Glenn Beck that night. ”

    She is not at all fearful, she is punching back at Fox News and the admin. Right wingers have picked the wrong person. Hurray , go Shirley.

    Meanwhile , can Obama bring himself to say “Fox NEWS”, “BREITBART” ?It is called naming names. Instead of hiding behind “bloggers”, “24/7 news cycle” blah blah blah. I don’t think the blogs on the left brought down/destroyed reputations through distortions.


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