Thank You, President Obama!

Thank you, Tom Vilsack!

Thank you President Obama, for expeditiously taking steps to make right a terrible wrong done to a good service person. Thank you for restoring faith in Mrs. Sherrod and all others who believe in truth, in honesty, in hard work and in becoming a better person inspite of many personal misfortunes and prejudices. Thank you, Sir!

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  1. G3 says:

    After ACORN, Van Jones and this, will he learn ? I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Malkan says:

    From the swift way in which they have responded, I think the WH is turning wheels!!

  3. g3 says:

    Can’t say unless something similar happens again.
    All I can say is he did the right thing by apologizing for the grand mess. He didn’t have any other go because his cowardice was all out in the open. For once, the mainstream media did its job of seeking truth. Although soon the media was back to form – just accusing Obama while letting free FOX & Breitbart.

    No redemption so far in the ACORN case from Obama – no restoration of funding even as ACORN was acquitted of wrong-doing in various investigations.

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