Jade Parade

In Feng Shui, Jade plants are very significant.

One of the most famous plants of Feng Shui plants is the Jade Plant. The Jade Tree or Money Plant is regarded as an auspicious plant because its succulent dark green leaves resemble pieces of jade or coins, thereby representing, Earth or Metal energy, and these add nourishment and stability.

Jade Plant. The Jade plant is the ultimate symbol of prosperity for the Chinese. It’s flat round leaves and compact shape makes it the Asian equivalent of a money tree.

Jade plants are well known Chinese “cures” for attracting wealth into the career areas of your life- I guess that’s why they call it the “money plant.” Set one of these where you do your work or pay your bills.

Another auspicious plant popular with Feng Shui is the Jade Plant (Crasulla ovata, formerly C. portulacea). It’s one of the few plants that can grow as indoor bonsai, and are valued by Chinese for their resemblance to real jade in color. They are native to South Africa, and are evergreen. Jade Plants are very easy to keep and can live for a long time.

I normally keep my Jade plants in the kitchen where they get ample sunlight throughout the year. But once a while during summer, I take them out to my backyard for some special ‘sun-baths’.

JMS, your memory is fantastic!. You are very correct on how to propogate them…

Just water them once a fortnight and keep their soil at roughly 40% sand or gravel. In the wild, they grow in areas with occasional droughts; hence their thick, succulent leaves are capable of storing water. It normally produces small white/pink flowers in early spring. Jade Plants can propagate from stem cuttings and will stay small if grown in small containers, but if grown outdoors, can reach up to 9ft in height.

Ok now, extra-brownie points for guessing where I am going to transplant some today..??

Update: This jaded offspring of mine rained on my parade, calling my collection too meagre. So all huffity, puffity off I went to get my parade more in order to please ‘His Highness’……here it is…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. j says:

    Are you gonna make it 9 feet tall?

  2. Malkan says:

    Just enough to buy myself my yacht of course!!

  3. g3 says:

    Read that Jade plants are very good indoor air purifiers.

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