I Did Not Know…..

  • The name CANADA comes from KANATA meaning ‘village’ in Iroquoian.
  • Basketball was invented by Canadian James Naismith in 1891.
  • Canadians participated in the Siege of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
  • Able Seaman William Hall was the  first blackman  to be  awarded the Victoria Cross (for his role in the Siege of Lucknow).
  • No Canadian has been honoured with Victoria Cross since 1945.
  • Montreal is the second largest mainly French-speaking city in the world after Paris.
  • Saskatchewan was once ‘the breadbasket of the world’.

Ok, you must all have guessed it by now…Yup, after almost ten years of living in Canada as a PR, I am taking my “Citizenship Test” tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Me, me, welcomes me…ok, also you if you so desire!!

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