‘Diva’ or ‘Miva’ Men?

Why is the word ‘sandals’ not good enough for men?

At The Huffington Post today:

President Obama was out and about on Friday night, stopping by DC’s International Spy Museum with Michelle and Sasha. He was the most dressed-down we’ve seen him this summer, wearing a short-sleeved, white button-down shirt, jeans and mandals a.k.a. man sandals. (emphasis mine)

Urban Dictionary has two meanings:

(noun)-man sandal-a men’s summer shoe, that consists of black or brown leather that covers more than 50% of the foot, buckles and a thick sole


Sandals, particularly of the leather strappy european nature, worn by russian, gay, or fashionably misled men. (emphasis mine)

NYDailyNews.com has this article:

Tips for wearing men’s sandals, or mandals


Really? Seriously menfolks: man-purse, mandals, what next? Would you guys wear red-stilletos and call it milletos..???

Seems to me that men are more ‘diva’ than women. On second thoughts, maybe they will now want to be called ‘miva’ instead…he, he, he!!

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  1. cami says:

    Mandals,,,now that is the funniest word I ever heard!!!

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