Saw the following title on The Huffington Post yesterday, and of course it caught my eyes..

22 Ways The Obamas Are NOT Just Like Us (PHOTOS)

On the outside, the Obamas typify the perfect American family. Inside the White House, however, they’re anything but. From butlers and pastry chefs to movie theaters and basketball courts, the First Family has a whole lot of stuff you wouldn’t expect them to have. Sure, an airplane and a really cool Christmas tree aren’t too surprising, but what do they have that’s truly crazy? Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think. (emphasis all mine)

Now I am getting curiouser and curiouser to see the ‘truly crazy’ stuff, I wouldn’t EXPECT them to have……..um I can’t wait. Here is the list and my reactions in italics in brackets…

1>  Their family photos are taken by Annie Leibovitz.  (Ok, so..??)

2>  They have a phone with a ton of buttons on it.  (Are you kidding me…?? really, seriously?)

3> They have their own airplane and matching jackets.  (Sigh..!!)

4> Dad has personalized pens. (Face meets palm!!!)

5> They have an indoor basketball court.. (Longer sighs!!!)

6> And an outdoor one, too.  (Some idiot clearly needs to get  a real job!!)

7> They have their own movie theater…and 3D glasses. (I almost punched the wall, but bore through to see the rest of the gems)

8> They have a butler, who dresses like an actual butler  (Where, oh where  is my sledgehammer..??)

9> They’re allowed to play catch in the house.  ( While we are all only allowed to catch mice in our houses, right..??? )

10>  They have several chefs…even an assistant pastry chef.  (Wanna check with Oprah..?)

11> They have a putting green in their backyard. (Oh, is that the one from Mars..?)

12> The World Series champs come over to hang out.  (While we all hang out at the world series)

13> Dad comes in Chia Pet form. (Let’s see the accompanying picture..now, shall we..?)

14> They don’t go to the zoo, the zoo comes to them. (Hey, genius, one leopard cub does not a zoo make!!)

15> They have their own beekeeper. (Sting me, oh, please sting me now…!!)

16> Celebrity chef Bobby Flay cooks dinner for them. (Ever watch Food Channel Network, you genius?)

17> The Foo Fighters come to their Fourth of July barbecue. (The rock band from Seattle, not ‘food fighters’, thank GOD for small mercies!!

18> Their assistants hide radios in their dresses. (Seriously, get a life)

19> Dad has a Nobel Peace Prize.  (And, that is very very crazy, right.??)

20> They have a really, REALLY well-decorated Christmas tree. (Ok, I give you that, given your brain, a well decorated tree must certainly appear ‘CRAZY’..)

21> They have their own limo. ( I need my sledgehammer, help, somebody, anybody..)

22>  They have a dunk tank for assistants. (For you dear genius, just for you, doncha know..??)

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