Little Nothings, BIG Somethings…

………..some days I get caught up with mundane chores and forget to write, update or even publish those posts already written. Perfectly normal, one would think.

Then small little things happen: A gentle query from my father from India, asking  if  I was too busy? Am I taking care of my health?? Or an email from JK from India asking why no new emails? (I usually send alerts to all regulars at TDPP on new posts). Or my friend BS would walk over to my desk at work to comment on some post or the other. Or a short and sweet ‘Thank You’ from MCT from Auz. A nudge from my cousin J in US, a mid-day call from JMS also in US,…….and like  a rejuvenated, energiser bunny I would find myself at my desk happily pounding away at the keys.

Little did I expect how anticipating some folks are to read my daily ping-pongs and most importantly how MUCH I anticipate  these ‘Little Nothings That Mean BIG Somethings‘ to me.



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