Rose: TDPP’s Dare, My Dad’s Share

My dad is the first one to share his ‘ROSE’ story.

He told me last night that he has always wanted to learn languages, specifically he wanted to be able to converse in Hindi. (Maybe that was why he insisted that I learn Hindi as second language when I was at school).

Being a very busy, practising physician and radio-oncologist he could not spare time for learning Hindi.  Today, at age 68, in semi-retirement, he has bought himself a book on “How To Learn Hindi’ and is religiously, devotedly trying to incorporate the new words and build his vocabulary. He proudly told me that for this reason he felt very connected to ROSE when he read my post.

Last night, tears welled up my eyes when he ended our conversation with, “Achi beti, achi raho!” Literal meaning: Good daughter, live well!

Appa, wish I was there with you teaching you Hindi, in which, thanks to you, I am very fluent. But here is something I can do from here every week until I see you later this year to challenge you even more on your Hindi vocabulary. Blessed I am to be your daughter. ENJOY APPA!!


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