My Backyard…

…….is a gift that keeps on giving (of course I plan and take care of it early enough). All through spring and summer it has given me a profusion of flowers, herbs and tomatoes, not to forget the lovely birdies…that came visiting.

Good rains yesterday:started around 6pm and was falling steady until 3.45am (yes, I woke up that early today). A picture of rosemary in the red pot and another of chive in the black pot, from my backyard.


Last night at about 10.30pm amidst heavy rain, we heard a knock on our door. My son opened and there stood the lovely lady from across our house, profusely apologising for disturbing us and warned us of lights left on in our car. My son had just driven into our driveway few minutes ago and had forgotten to turn off the lights. Our mazda, which we we sold last week, had a chimer that would warn us of lights left on, but the beemer, the new addition to our family has no chimer and we both are still getting used to it.

We thanked her, took care of our car and turned in for the night. This morning, I harvested the herbs and tomatoes from my backyard and made impromptu gift baskets for my neighbours and guess who got this one……..

Planning on more organised herb, veggiie and flower garden for next year and me gots some bigs diggin’ today…yeahhhhhhh!!


One thought on “My Backyard…

  1. envy you buddy, for the fresh herbs straight from your garden. Nothing beats their taste/aroma. I do the next best thing – get them from local farmers. Enjoy Ma Earth’s bounty.

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