Leadership- Post By Michael

Here is another thought provoking post by Michael from AUZ.

Yoke Yourself To Me

I’ve recently finished a Leadership Training tour where I was training owners of small businesses, a few things stand out as important, one more so above all others.

The idea stems back to 1987 when I was in Scandinavia listening to Jan Carlsson talking about “Management by Love.” He said that a real manager / leader must spend 90% of their time with their people.

At the time I was spending maybe 10% of my time that way, 90% in meetings, doing reports, working through paperwork, and my initial reaction was “of course!” and also, “impossible.”

Jan was right. Leaders must spend the maximum time with those we lead – its the best way to teach, to communicate, to ensure everyone is working together towards the same end. The huge revelation from small business is that the Leader is so busy working “in” the business that he/she spends almost no time leading / teaching.

The end result of little leadership or training is that people are unproductive, don’t know what’s going on, and have no ‘loyalty’ to the business: interesting how every Owner suggests that today’s employees are not loyal, and yet I found not one of the owners have spent serious time with their employees.

I wonder if I would be loyal to a boss I never see?  I wonder what we expect people to be loyal to? A business? An idea?

The best model I’ve ever seen is the model of Jesus walking with his disciples, teaching them by example, spending in fact almost all his time (90%?) with them ‘yoked to him.’

Leadership as exampled by Christ doesn’t have to be hard: take new employees with you, everywhere, for the first few weeks. We don’t have to be professional trainers to be able to teach, just ensuring that people are with us, watching us, causes them to learn.

I’m sure that if every leader spent just one day per month with each of their employees there would be a radical change to loyalty, productivity, and skill level.

Sometimes the best ideas are also the simplest.


3 thoughts on “Leadership- Post By Michael

  1. That is absolutely true. However, other factors come in play as well when it comes to leadership and loyalty (or lack of it). During the past 10 years of mergers, aquisitions, divestitures and moving jobs overseas companies have constatly laid off people as a way of improving the bottom line (as opposed to growing the business). As Peter Dracker put it in one of his latest books corporations are starting to lose social legitimacy and that’s precisely why. What employees have learned the hard way is that there is no loyalty from up down in today’s world, so they practice the same…no loyalty from down up either! It is a normal perception adjustment, they now follow their bosses’ example.
    Also, I don’t know if the company owners you met with are aware of the fact that 90% of their senior and middle management practices management by intimidation rather than leadership by inspiration… they should watch for that because thai is the main reason why talented peaple leave companies.


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